Moong Dal Vada | Moong Dal Bhajiya (Bhaji)) | Moong Dal ke Pakode | कुरकुरे मुंग दाल पकोड़े - भजिया

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Moong Dal Vada | Moong Dal Bhajiya (Bhaji)) | Moong Dal ke Pakode | कुरकुरे मुंग दाल पकोड़े - भजिया

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Moong Dal Vada | Moong Dal Bhajiya (Bhaji)) | Moong Dal ke Pakode | कुरकुरे मुंग दाल पकोड़े – भजिया

Servings: 2 to 3 persons
Soaking time : – 4 hours
Preparation & cooking time – 15 minutes

Crispy moong dal pakoda or moong dal bhajiya Recipe Details:
Moong dal vada recipe is explained with detailed video here. Moong dal pakoda recipe video shows how to make Gujarati style soft and spongy moong dal bhajiya more deliciously. Moong dal bhaji is made with different styles at different places. Today I made moong dal ke pakode with rice flour, soaked and ground moong dal, some fresh coriander leaves, some chopped onions, ginger garlic paste, green chilies and salt. This recipe goes wonderful with tea or as a side dish in lunch or dinner. This moong dal vada goes well with any chutney like green chutney of coriander, red of tomatoes, garlic peanut or white chutney of coconut in monsoon or winter season. It turns out crispy from the outer layer and spongy from inside. The taste of coriander leaves and onions make it more delicious as well as healthy. You can serve this pakoda in your guest function or get together, kitty party or potluck function. It has its own place on the menu.

You would empty your baskets of praises by making this delicious side dish. You can prepare this moong dal ke pakode within 10 to 15 minutes at home without taking anybody’s help. You may prepare this as your kid’s lunch box recipe. Do try this recipe at this season and if you like it press the Like button.

For stuffing masala :

– Rice flour/chawal ka aata – 1/4 cup
– Finely chopped Coriander leaves –1/4 cup
– Onion – 1 medium size
– Green chills chopped – 2 to 3
– Ginger-garlic paste – 1 tsp.
– Asafoetida – a pinch
– Salt to taste or 1 tsp.
– Baking soda – a pinch or 1/4 tsp.
– Oil – for frying
Vital Tips:

– When you add pakoda in frying oil, keep slow/low flame so that you may not burn.
– Soak moong dal into clean water for at least 4 hours. After that it will be easier to grind them. Do not grind it in fine paste. Just coarsely grind it.
– Mix the grinded batter well before adding spices. Vada will turn nice in taste and texture.
– After adding pakodas, turn the flame on medium mode.
– Let pakodas fry from one side then turn them to let them fry from the other side.
– If you do not eat onion-garlic, you can skip adding garlic cloves. Believe me, even without onion and garlic, bhajiya/ pakoda taste good.
– If you want to store the pakoda batter, you can put the batter in the fridge for a day. Remember do not add eno and salt. You can add it later on while making the pakoda.
Moong dal pakoda or moong dal ke bhajiya recipe is explained with Gujarati, Hindi and English language subtitles. Desi recipes channel mostly makes Gujarati, North Indian, South Indian, Punjabi, and Chinese cuisines. Moreover, you will find many other world famous dishes.

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