Idli Dosa Batter Recipe | Soft & Spongy Idli Dosa Batter Recipe (using mixture grinder at home)

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Idli Dosa Batter Recipe | Soft & Spongy Idli Dosa Batter Recipe (using mixture grinder at home)

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Idli Dosa Batter Recipe (Soft & Spongy) | सॉफ्ट & स्पंजी इडली डोसा बेटर रेसिपी (using mixture grinder at home)

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Idli Dosa Batter Recipe Details:
Idli batter recipes video shows how to make idli dosa batter at home. The secret of idli batter lies in the proportion of the ingredients. Idli is a south Indian white sour cake. You can prepare batter with the help of mixie or blender in a few minutes. This batter solves the problem of making the separate batter for dosa and idli. You can prepare soft and spongy dosa as well from this batter. It is an easy and simple recipe even bachelors and beginners can also prepare this. You can make idli in a variety of ways like spicy idli, masala idli, rava idli, stuffed idli, Makai flour idli and many more. Here I have shown rice and black gram idli batter.

Idli dosa batter is traditionally made with idli dosa rice, urad dal, fenugreek seeds, flattened rice, and some salt. You do not need to go outside or flour mill to grind the flour for making the batter. You can make idli batter within a few minutes with the help of mixture or blender. Think of simple yet delicious side dish, and idli or dosa would be first in the list of all breakfasts. You can serve idli or dosa in your day to day breakfast or in dinner as it is very healthy and oil free snack recipe. Even kids love this recipe as their lunch box food.

Servings: 3 to 4 persons
Preparation time – 10 minutes
Soaking time – 6 hours
Fermentation time – 12 hours

· Idli/dosa rice or any small rice – 3 cups
· Udad (urad) dal/black gram – 1 cup
· Fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp.
· Beaten rice/flattened rice (thin) -1/2 cup
· Salt to taste (add while making idli or dosa)
Storage Instructions:
· Idli dosa batter can be stored up to 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator.
· Always use sterilized and totally dry container to store batter, it will enhance the life of the batter.

vital Tips:
· If you do not eat onion garlic, it is best for you as it is free from onion garlic.
· You can make Gujarati white dhokla or idada/idara from this same batter.

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