Homemade Chocolate Recipe | मार्केट जैसा चॉकलेट घर पे बनाये बहुत सस्ते में | Valentine Day Special

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Homemade Chocolate Recipe | मार्केट जैसा चॉकलेट घर पे बनाये बहुत सस्ते में | Valentine Day Special

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Chocolates, Cakes & Muffins

Recipe Details:

Homemade Chocolate Recipe | मार्केट जैसा चॉकलेट घर पे बनाये बहुत सस्ते में | Valentine Day Special | How to make chocolate at home

Homemade chocolate Recipe (how to make chocolate at home) Details:

Homemade chocolate recipe video shows how to make market style delicious chocolate using Morde dark and milk compound. Many of us want to make chocolates at home. You won’t believe how simple it is to make at home. Chocolates give us countless health benefits. Everyone should eat chocolates. Dark chocolates protect us from many diseases like heart problems.

Homemade chocolates are made using Morde compound and taste as delicious as chocolates purchased from the market. You do not need cocoa butter and coconut oil for making chocolates (chocolate without cocoa butter, chocolate without coconut oil). Morde compounds/slabs are easily available at the local market and cost very low. Morde dark compound price is only 85/- rupees.,milk compound prize is 110/- rupees. You can easily make chocolate at home at a very cheap price without compromising in taste. Each compound packet has 4 bars in it. Use it as per the quantity you want to make. You can prepare approximately 100 chocolates in 50 rupees only using these compounds.

Morde milk compound – 2 portions/bar out of 4 (४ में से १ भाग) 110/-rupees of 500 GM
Morde dark compound – 1 portion/bar out of 4 ४ में से आधा भाग 85/-rupees of 500 GM
Walnuts finely chopped – 25 grams
Almonds finely chopped – 25 grams
Cashews – 25 grams
Raisins – 25 grams
Ghee or butter – 1 tbsp

Servings: for whole family
Preparation time: 25 minutes

Storage Instructions:

– You can store these wonderful chocolates up to a month or months (till the expiry date of chocolate compounds) in the refrigerator and eat whenever you want.

– Always check expiry date of compounds/slab while preparing chocolates because chocolates may not melt well using old or expired compounds.

– Always use a totally dry and clean glass container to enhance the shelf-life of the chocolates.

Vital tips:
– Refrigerate chocolates for 30 minutes. Do not put them in the freezer.

– Do not cover the bowl while compounds are melting.

– You can find silicone molds in markets which costs somewhere around 70 to 80 rupees. Plastic molds are also available but I won’t recommend them because they do not last long.

– You can also melt chocolate compounds in the microwave or in an oven.

– You have to microwave chocolate for 20 seconds & bring out chocolate from microwave or oven, stir it well, again repeat the process for 20 seconds. You have to repeat this process for 3 to 4 times & your chocolate will be melt. You should not microwave it for 1 minute continuously because chocolates are tender and may burn.

For the double boiling method:

– Take a bowl which is filled with water (around 1.5 glasses) .The surface of the water should not touch chocolate bowl, otherwise a single drop of water may spoil your chocolate. You can put a spoon for evaporation coming out of the bowl.

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