Cheese matar paneer paratha recipe | no onion-garlic dhaba style stuffed matar paneer cheese paratha

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Cheese matar paneer paratha recipe | no onion-garlic dhaba style stuffed matar paneer cheese paratha

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No onion no garlic Matar paneer cheese paratha Recipe Details:

Matar paneer paratha is a popular and traditional Punjabi dish and prepared with some fresh vegetables. This deliciously rich Indian bread is usually enjoyed in winter. Green peas & cottage cheese stuffed paratha recipes video shows how to make tasty and spicy Indian flat more deliciously. This paratha recipe is basically winter or monsoon season. Green peas, paneer, cheese, wheat flour, chickpea flour makes it more nutritious and healthy. These vegetables are very delicious as well as nutritious as filled with protein and fiber. Serve hot stuffed paratha as a breakfast or dinner with green chutney or curd. It’s a perfect snack for traveling as it can be stored up to 2 days.

You would empty your baskets of praises by making this delicious tea time dish. You can prepare this traditional Gujarati dish at home within a few minutes at home. Do try this recipe at this season and if you like it press the Like button.

Servings: 5 to 6 parathas
Preparation & cooking time – 30 minutes

For dough making:-

– Wheat flour – 2 cups
– Chickpea/gram flour – 1 tbsp
– Oil – ½ cup
– Water – ½ cup
– Salt – ¼ tsp

For stuffing:-
– Grated paneer – 100 grams
– Grated cheese – 2 cubes
– Green peas coarsely boiled & grinded – ½ cup
– Finely chopped, washed coriander leaves – ¼ cup (drain totally water from coriander leaves)
– Carom seeds – ¼ tsp
– Asafoetida – a pinch
– Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp
– Red chili powder – 1/2 tsp
– Cumin coriander powder – ½ tsp
– Garam masala – 1/2 tsp
– Raw mango powder – ½ tsp
– Roasted cumin powder – ½ tsp
– Black salt – ¼ tsp
– Black pepper powder – ¼ tsp
– Salt – to taste

Vital Tips:-

– Fry parathas on high flame only it will turn good but be careful while frying otherwise it may burn.
– Fry paratha with oil or ghee. Mixing both together will enhance the flavor.

– parathas can be stored up to 2 days in a dry and clean container in the fridge. It can be served as a kid’s lunch box recipe, tea time snacks or as breakfast also as it has nutritious value too.

– If you are Jain or swami Narayan avoid onion garlic. As I made paratha without onion garlic.

– Use fresh paneer and matar for better results.

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